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Assignment Topics, Format, Sample, Example and Writing style:

Cover Page


Submission Letter

Table Contents



Related Literature

Rationale of the Study

Objectives of the Study

Methodology of the Study / Materials and Methods

Findings and Analysis / Results and Discussion

Identified Prospects/Opportunity

Identified Problems




Cover Page:
Cover Page is the top page of a assignment copy. This page mentions Name of the assignment, Submitted To, Submitted By, Submitt Date and University Name. (Format Example - Assignment Cover Sheet)
Acknowledgement letter is the second page of a assignment copy. Actually it is a thank you letter to university deen, teacher, students, university system, etc. (Format Example - Assignment Model)
Submission Letter:
Submission letter is a application submitted to the teacher/course instructor dated on the submission date. (Format Example - Sample Assignments)
Table Contents :
Very easy. It is a page index. Just like the page reference number in a book. It mentions the page number of the assignment serially and table contents of the page. (Format Example - Assignment Examples)
Abstract :
It is what the assignment is about. Why you study? What is your study is about? What are your findings? Mansion this things in short and clearly in the abstract. (Journal Example - Assignment Solution)
Introduction :
It is the introduction of the assignment topics. Some information of assignment topics are given here mentioned. (Journal Example - Assignment Answers)
Related Literature :
It is a reference of previous report, assignment, comments, published journal, books, writers, literature for your assignment topics. Writer or published journal, what was described and find out this assignment topics, this is mansion to your assignment.
Rationale of the study :
This section covered, what is the reason of the study/analysis. Means, why you analysis your assignment. (Journal Exam. Page-2 - Assignment Template)
Objectives of the study :
The specific objectives of the study on your assignment topics. Means, what is your aim of this study/analysis. (Journal Exam. Page-2 - Online Assignment)
Methodology of the study / Materials and Methods:
This section covered, how to collect data for your study/analysis/subject. Normally mentioned two type of data collected method, primary and secondary. (Journal Exam. Page-2 - Assignments Online)
Findings and Analysis / Results and Discussion:
The study in your assignment topics focused the all of findings and analysis result. Clear the findings and analysis report step by step in the findings and analysis section. (Journal Exam. Page-3 - Marketing Assignment)
Identified Prospects/Opportunity :
In this section you focused the all of identified prospects/positives issue in your assignment topics (study/analysis subject). What is the opportunity? How is possibility of increased, expand, profitable, development, etc. writing this section.
Identified Problems :
In this section you focused the all of identified problems in your assignment topics (study/analysis subject). What is the problem? Why not increased, expand, profitable, developed, etc. writing this section. (Journal Exam. Page-4-5)
Recommendations :
After your analysis, write the recommendations of problem solution. How to solved the problems and how to expand the business etc. write this recommendations section. Try to write the positive and possible recommendations here. (Journal Exam. Page-6)
Conclusion :
Write the summery of your assignment analysis/subject/topics in your conclusion section. (Journal Exam. Page-6)
References / BIBLIOGRAPHY :
Write serially all books name, journal, web site and others reference in this section for you analysis/study guideline. (Journal Exam. Page-6)


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